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Don't just find homework answers – actually understand the process with LumiSnap.

Is that Economics problem making things hard? Is Statistics not adding up for you? Or maybe you are struggling with Calculus? Don't worry – you aren't alone.

College-level math takes things to a completely new level, and working on your assignments requires you to not only find the right answers but also understand the process to reach those solutions. While many of the photo answer apps currently on the market provide you with homework answers, they don’t do anything to help you truly understand how that answer was reached.

That's where the LumiSnap math problem scanner comes into play. We not only help you arrive at the correct answer, but we also help you understand the necessary steps required to reach that answer.

What is LumiSnap ?

LumiSnap is designed to help you understand your homework.

It's not just about giving you the solution. It's about helping you understand the process and the multiple ways to get there.

The LumiSnap app is a powerful tool that allows you to take a photo of your college level math question – whether it’s Calculus, Statistics, or Economics – and shows you several ways to solve it. That means you are not simply getting the answer to the question but are also being taught the best ways to approach it.

This is crucial because simply receiving homework answers does you no good. By reviewing the available solutions to each problem, you'll better understand how to approach similar questions. This further prepares you to explain your work in class and take on more complex problems down the road.

What Makes LumiSnap Unique ?

Sure, there may be dozens of homework answer apps available for use, but not all math scanner/solver apps are created the same.

So, what makes LumiSnap by Lumist different from the competition?

1. Ease of Use

LumiSnap is one of the simplest math answer apps available. Simply begin by snapping a photo of your equation, and within minutes, you will receive the answer to your question including several complete step-by-step video solutions that will help walk you through the entire process. When our app snaps photo, it can not only recognize formulas, but also recognize and solve text problems and complex problems.

These videos contain a well-visualized concept by a presenter and a complete, clear explanation of every concept presented to you.

With access to different methods for solving problems, you will be able to better understand classwork, recognize available solutions for similar problems, and be prepared for upcoming exams. Studying these available solutions will help add to your existing knowledge base and guide you on applying them to real-world scenarios.

2. Our Extensive Homework Answer Database

Where our competitors provide users with homework answers and maybe one or two solutions as to how that answer is achieved, our database holds over three million solutions to homework problems and, it is growing every day.

Let's face it; as much as we would love for mathematics to be black and white, there is never a single solution to a problem. By providing our users with various approaches to a single problem, they get to learn not to look at math sums as open-ended questions and also to consider problems (outside of the classroom) from multiple angles as well.

LumiSnap by Lumist

Here at Lumist, we want to be more than a source for homework answers. We aim to be an active part of a student's educational success. That's why we go far beyond other math scanners/solver apps and provide users with more than just a correct answer. We afford them the opportunity to learn through multiple examples.

The infinite possibilities provided by Lumist will light up your universe. Get started today !

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