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When it comes down to it, preparing for exams can be highly stressful, especially when it comes to college-level topics such as Calculus, Economics, Algebra, and Statistics. Unfortunately, millions of students enter these programs with poor study habits, making exam time that much more stressful.

Here at Lumist, we believe that any opportunity to learn smarter and be better prepared is an opportunity to become a more well-rounded individual.

That's why, getting live, real-time advice can be a tremendous asset to college exam prep. Not sure where to turn? Then you should ask Lumi!

LumiPrep: College Exam Prep with the LumiExperts

Whether you are an advanced placement student or already well-established in the college setting – get your exam prep live with LumiPrep.

The team at Lumist understands just how complicated college-level mathematics can be. It is made even more challenging when you do not have regular access to your instructor or anyone skilled in your study area. That is why we have assembled a group of skilled instructors and professionals as our LumiExperts.

Our LumiExperts offer college students several opportunities for live study sessions. From exam prep and live math answers to study help, the LumiExperts on LumiPrep can help!

Currently, our LumiPrep options are split into two key categories:

LumiPrep Courses

Do you have an important exam coming up? Don't let it stress you out! Instead, inquire about our LumiPrep courses!

Our LumiPrep courses are our unique interactive and LIVE exam prep sessions.

Each of these sessions involves one of our LumiExperts who create interactive sessions that include:

  • Immersive study guides
  • Mock exams
  • Practice questions and more
  • With the help of our LumiExperts, you'll be extremely well-prepared for those critical assessments.

    LumiPrep from the Lumist Team

    Many college students struggle with anxiety. In fact, recent studies show that approximately 29.5% of college students[cb1] in the U.S. alone suffer from overwhelming anxiety, which many attributed to college exams.

    Do not let your college exam prep create unnecessary stress in your life. If you struggle with exam prep, make sure you are seeking out the necessary help.

    Get help with LumiPrep today!

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