When it comes down to it, preparing for exams can be highly stressful. Any opportunity to learn smarter and be better prepared is an opportunity to become better. That's why you should ask Lumi.

Our LumiExperts offer LumiPrep courses – our unique interactive and LIVE exam prep sessions. With immersive study guides, mock exams, and practice questions, you'll be extremely well-prepared for those critical assessments.

Don't forget about the LumiJam sessions – our LIVE weekly drop-in sessions where you can catch up on those fundamental concepts. You can drop in and out at any point, like your favorite streaming communities around the world. Work together with similar students across the globe on problems and get personalized support. Request a customized advice session for between 60 – 90 minutes, giving you the step-up you need.

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Lumist has a robust global presence, providing educational resources to students across 30+ universities in North America, Europe, and more coming soon.