Are you having problems getting certain concepts locked down? Are some courses moving too fast for you? Do you need help with learning differently?

Scientists have established that everyone learns in different ways. Some people like to see things, some like to listen, others prefer to write. Others use a combination of all of those to learn. That's where LumiLearn steps in.

LumiLearn is our collection of animated videos covering fundamental concepts. It ensures that you can learn at your own pace or review the STEM disciplines we teach. More than three hundred and fifty fundamental concept courses across more than thirty universities in three continents have been developed, with hundreds more coming together in the coming months.

Our LumiExperts explain the fundamental concepts from the most popular courses at your university. They understand the ideas you need to comprehend. It lets you learn at your own pace or review the more challenging areas.

Download Lumist now to find out more and add to your on-campus learning experience. By asking Lumist, students can learn smarter and empower themselves in their pursuit of academic excellence.

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Lumist has a robust global presence, providing educational resources to students across 30+ universities in North America, Europe, and more coming soon.