LumiLecture – Homework help videos to help you study smarter.

Are you having problems getting certain concepts locked down? Are some courses moving too fast for you? Do you need help with learning differently ?

Here is the thing – science has proven that no two students are alike, which means that not everyone learns the same way. While some people learn better by seeing things in action, others prefer to learn by listening, while others prefer to learn by doing it themselves. There are even some students that learn from a combination of these methods.

Are you struggling to find the method that works best for you? That's where LumiLecture steps in.

LumiLecture – Animated Videos for Auditory and Visual Learners

LumiLecture is our collection of animated videos covering hundreds of fundamental concepts. These videos allow you to either learn at your own pace or review the STEM disciplines we teach.

The Lumist team has created more than 350 fundamental concept courses that are currently used in over 30 universities across three continents. While that may not seem like much, we believe that there is always room for improvement. That is why we have hundreds more currently in development with the help of our LumiExperts.

Who are the LumiExperts?

Our LumiExperts are a team of experts and instructors who have the experience needed to help students with their study habits and college exam prep. These individuals genuinely understand just how much pressure students are under.

That's why they collaborate on our LumiLecture content and provide a variety of LIVE learning opportunities to students who need additional study tips throughout their semester. They also manage special study sessions for those who need extra help prior to an important exam.

What Role do the LumiExperts Play in the LumiLecture Content ?

The content that you'll find via LumiLecture goes well beyond your standard homework help. Instead of simply providing answers to common questions, our LumiExperts carefully explain the fundamental concepts from the most popular courses in universities worldwide. They understand the ideas you need to comprehend and create valuable content that lets you learn at your own pace or review the more challenging areas.

Why Choose Video LumiLecture ?

If students learn in so many different ways, why would we focus our attention on creating homework help videos ?

Here's the thing about video content, not only does it cater to those who are more visual learners, but it also caters to auditory learners as well. What's even better is that our content is easy to follow and allows students to pause while taking notes – catering to those who need a more hands-on approach.

Not only that, video content has proven to be a successful learning aid for students across all learning levels. This is because video content is much easier for the brain to digest. Studies have shown that the average person can remember 95% of a message when it is delivered via video.

Video content forces the student to engage with the content that is being presented. As your eyes watch the animation, your brain digests the information. For those who love to take notes as they learn, video learning allows them to pause for a moment to ensure that they don’t miss important details.

Even better, our LumiLecture content is here to stay. That means students can revisit lessons as often as they want to ensure that they are absorbing everything that they need to succeed.

Homework Help Videos with LumiLecture

Yes – everyone's learning habits are different. However, video content has proven time and again to be an effective study aid, especially when the student can revisit the content as needed.

If you're struggling with a certain area or you are simply looking to add to your educational arsenal, then LumiLecture could be the perfect solution.

Download Lumist now to find out more and add to your on-campus learning experience!

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