How to Utilize Educational App to Learn More Efficiently

How to Utilize Educational App to Learn More Efficiently

With our second full semester of online classes about to commence, college students who aspire to get a good grade this spring may find it difficult to solve their day to day homework inquiries quickly. You may be studying for an exam or have trouble with difficult homework assignments. If you still think you are struggling with online classes, Lumist has your back!

advanced A.I. technology

Lumist is a state-of-the-art AI-powered application that helps students solve homework problems! The app is available both on the App Store and on Android. With just a simple scan, Lumist can help students all around the world solve their homework issues with just a tap of a finger.

It is without a doubt that students are not finding it extremely difficult to efficiently complete and master the assignments and key concepts of the courses that you take in university. More often than not, students work long hours, squeezing time from their sleeping schedule to focus on finishing assigned homework, projects, or even studying for exams. It may be easy to think that the problem of trying to learn effectively comes from the students’ lack of ability to learn.

However, that is usually not the case. We’ve come to realize that when push comes to shove, students take a longtime anytime they have to finish their assignments, but there simply are either too many questions to solve, or that there is a lack of infrastructure in university where students can get fully explained answers to their questions whenever they want!

Yes, there are office hours for professors where they can help you with anything regarding the class. But not only is that immensely time-consuming (since you need to schedule with the professor and that office hours tend not to be in the most convenient of places), professor office hours cannot solve all of your problems whenever you need them.

Some may argue that school tutoring sessions and programs satisfy the needs of students who are struggling with homework. Yet, these tutoring sessions almost always have strict and concrete schedules where you almost definitely need to reserve a spot for, and perhaps most of all, tutored by a student who is not guaranteed to be a long-time expert in the respective field.

Nowadays, students, especially in such a competitive environment, NEED a service that can help them with questions regarding homework and key concepts in class at their fingertips at any given moment.

This is where the Lumist comes in.

simply snap a photo of the homework question


With Lumist’s advanced A.I. technology, we’d like to introduce you to the most popular feature on our app, LumiSnap. LumniSnap is just as simple as it sounds. Using our app, simply snap a photo of the homework question you are stuck on, and that’s it! Our AI system then scans the specific question, and provides you with multiple solutions in just a snap!

The scanned question is then matched with our 3M solution sets in the database to give you the most accurate answers. If the database cannot detect a solution, experts in the fields of economics, statistics, and calculus, ready 24/7 to solve your problems. Our 500+ LumiExperts will provide you with a handwritten and tailored step-by-step process on how the homework question is solved.

Different students have different styles of learning.


Yet, sometimes it’s not enough just to solve a question you may have for a class. Different students have different styles of learning. Some students study more efficiently through autodidactic measures like reading the textbook and resolving solutions themselves. It is also very often the case that students struggle with comprehending their university professors’ lectures and classes.

Some of these classes have so many people, that it is hard to ask questions, and especially time-consuming to follow-up with the professor after class. Some students thrive in in-person classes, while others may prefer online classes to help them improve their understanding of a subject. This is when LumiLearn comes in. LumiLearn is a platform on the Lumist app where you can find a variety of recorded videos that explain and teach key concepts you need to know for a course.

Anything from microeconomics to statistics, LumiLearn has you covered. These 10-15-minute short videos avoid cliché information and gives you the straight-forward answer you need to help you understand a key concept. You may find that during classes, there may have been a few key concepts that you missed or were unsure about. The LumiLearn videos help students like you learn these course concepts at your own pace.

LumiLearn is also a great tool for students who struggle with understanding homework or key concepts due to a lack of visual illustration. Hence, LumiLearn’s videos are specifically designed to be as simple and visually appealing as possible to help everyone succeed in learning their respective courses.

students are able to participate in live exam preparation session


Finally, Lumist also has a LumiLive feature where, just by using the Lumist app, students are able to participate in live exam preparation sessions that include study guides, mock exams, and a myriad of practice questions and solutions. Sometimes, studying more efficiently means trying out different instructors, and LumiLive give students the opportunity to try taking its live exam prep sessions to strengthen their understanding of the key concepts through the Lumist platform.

It is also more often than not that students have very limited time to study for exams. LumiLive is, therefore, a great feature for students who are looking for a convenient one stop station for exam studying or a “on-the-go” and last-minute exam prep session.

Overall, it is now ever more important to strive for a better grade or try to increase everyone’s efficiency in studying. We hope that Lumi and its services LumiSnap, LumiLearn, and LumiLive, become a helpful tool and app that helps solves your homework problems and prepare you for a brighter future.

Ask Lumi, Learn Smarter. See you in the next blog.

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