How to Solve Math Problems Step-By-Step

How to Solve Math Problems Step-By-Step

Mathematics is one of the most ubiquitous and versatile topics academia can offer. Often scholars like you and I end up catching ourselves on the short end of the stick, that is, have no clue how to solve the problem that lies in front of us. While mathematics guidebooks and institutional textbooks can provide students with step-by-step solutions to different mathematical problems, it may sometimes never be enough as mathematics is ever-changing. An old but gold principle most students stick to when attempting to solve any math problem step by step, and as we know it as the old-fashioned way is Pen, paper, and calculator. This combination can never go wrong when trying to solve my math problem.

Pen and Paper

The ol’ reliable

Now, with your pen and paper ready, you must figure out the kind of problem this problem is asking so you know what you are looking for. If you can figure out what the question asks for you can then plan out a path to reach your desired answer. The freedom to designate a specific method to solve your math problem is what makes mathematics so incredible. Try to get the problem in your own words, so now you can visualize it better in your mind to solve any math problem quicker on your own terms.

Visualize your problem

Another general rule of thumb is writing down formulas and equations. This is very helpful to visualize your current math problem. Especially for graph or diagram-intensive math problems, drawing your graph tends to always be much more accessible than trying to graph it out on often convoluted online math utilities.


Practice makes perfect

By studying the examples that are of similar types, the problem can be solved by following the same patterns. Practice makes perfect, while the wording and numbers are different, similar problems that present similar concepts can lead to an understanding of a problem type. Reverse engineering to understand problems proves to be helpful for figuring out the answer to a problem with a similar concept.

Now, keeping all those in mind, what if I told you that you can solve your next math problem with a step-by-step solution method from the Lumist math app, and with it, a much more comprehensive understanding of your math problem? By clicking your phones, you can get answers to some of the most challenging problems in mathematics across different topics. Apart from apps that solve math problems and provide solutions on a silver platter, some apps can also teach you various techniques and instructions on how to solve the problem and arrive at the correct answer with detailed step-by-step solutions. With Lumist, the ultimate math solver, you can do it all.

Solve Math Problem

Wondering “how to solve my math problem”?

The Lumist app is an incredible math solver app you will discover to help you solve any math problem. This app uses the camera on your phone coupled with augmented reality to scan and solve any math problem. Adjust and point your phone’s camera at the paper containing the equation or math problem you are looking to solve, and it will give you a step-by-step detailed expert solution within the minute.

It reads the problem and solves it instantly, and all you need is your device’s camera. The state-of-the-art technology of Lumist allows it to read the problem and give the answer and show you step-by-step explanations for getting the right answer.

So, what is this Lumist and how come I have never heard of it sooner? Can it really solve my math problem? Lumist is an online educational platform that sets out to help students achieve academic success. It helps with understanding and interpreting the problem and learn basic math concepts. This math solving app is particularly useful for algebraic equations and fundamental arithmetic problems.

Some of the math content supported by Lumist, but not limited to, are algebra, decimals, fractions, roots and powers, algebraic expressions, complex numbers, quadratic equations/inequations. The more advanced concepts are linear equations/inequations, absolute equations/inequations, calculus, binomial theorem, and trigonometric equations.

LumiSnap, Learn and Live

Snap, Scan, Live:

The Lumist platform offers three core functions for students in need of a comprehensive understanding of mathematical problems. They are LumiSnap, LumiLearn, LumiLive. LumiSnap is the bread and butter of the Lumist app. It is the function that allows users to scan any math problems and it will match with an existing problem in the Lumist database with over 3 million results and return a peer-reviewed and high-quality answer. In addition, to prepare for those days when the professors produce bespoke problems, there are half a thousand experts live ready to solve your scanned problem in real-time to a personalized solution with a step-by-step solution.

LumiLearn fulfills the role of your personalized library and provides extensive self-learning materials that cover all the fundamental and advanced mathematical concepts. Rapidly growing, LumiLearn prizes itself for having 350+ topics covering curricula spanning across more than thirty universities.

Every single of these concept videos rivals that of a lecture session’s and you won’t have to worry about not taking notes fast enough. It will be visualized on a virtual blackboard with the lecturer clearly explaining each concept diligently and solve any of your math problems.

Lumist App

Innovative math solver

LumiLive is the third and most valuable function that is exclusive to Lumist from anything else we could find. It is a live stream of an exam prep session for any user to attend and ask questions on. Think of it as an online TA or professor office hour. The session structure will include a detailed explanation and presentation of the topic along with rigorous Q&A sessions for any conceptual questions or specific math solutions on the fly.

With Lumist, you no longer have to worry about not understanding homework or not having enough resources to feel prepared for your upcoming exam. Lumist will be your trusty math solver for preparing you for all the different types of math problem you instructor may face.

Keeping Lumist by your side with its powerful capabilities an enormous 3 million problem set solutions along with 500+ live experts in this one app, you should be ready for anything.

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