How Educational Apps will Reshape your College Years

People are using mobile technology more and more every day. As a result, free educational apps for students would inevitably play a larger role in students' lives entering college for the first time. With unique pressures on the Class of 2024, educational apps for college students like Lumist can support the new educational paradigm.

The Class of 2024 has many pressures this year when many are the first family members to enter college and are stuck at home dealing with the current pandemic situation. Education apps for students improve the education system and provide a new support network in these challenging times. In this modern era, it is essential to learn smarter by asking Lumi.

How to improve your educational experience

How to improve your educational experience

The Lumist APP is designed to support both students and educators in the same manner that extensions like Grammarly do. These free educational apps for students are essential for increasing knowledge while supporting higher education's broader pedagogic needs.

These educational apps for college students, integrated into thousands of college curriculums worldwide, allow college freshmen to check their homework on the go. The increasing complexity of real-world problems means that students are chasing real-world solutions. Functions like LumiSnap are designed to support their understanding of topics.

Bringing photogenic understanding to STEM subjects

LumiSnap: Bringing photogenic understanding to STEM subjects

For many students, mathematics is a significant leap above what they learned in high school. Even AP-level classes, designed to prepare students for college-level courses, may not fully prepare students for the full college experience. While you may be struggling to adapt to your classes, the LumiSnap function can help you understand your homework.

Using your mobile device's camera, it will scan your homework problems and match them to existing questions within their database. The Lumist APP is setting new standards as an educational app by having experts on standby to provide one on one handwritten solutions where necessary.

Assignments become easier by supporting your understanding of the topic. The Lumist app is a free education app that focuses on increasing your productivity and takes a personalized approach to your pedagogic needs.

By downloading this free educational app for college students, the Class of 2024, and indeed all students, can become smarter learners. They can see how their problems are solved and developing a better understanding of their subject. It opens their eyes to the real-world applications for their discipline that provides more opportunities for interdisciplinary learning.

By asking Lumi, you can learn smarter.

LumiLearn and LumiLive

LumiLearn: key concept courses integrated into course curriculums

It's been established by many scientific researchers that people learn in different ways, whether visually, kinesthetically, or auditorily. Educational apps for college students have adapted to various learners by providing a plethora of learning experiences within their mobile apps.

When people download Lumist, they can access LumiLearn. Users can watch animated videos explaining fundamental concepts from the most popular courses at your university. These courses are developed by our LumiExperts, academic experts in their fields. They understand the ideas you need to understand, allow you to learn at your own pace, or review the more challenging areas within the STEM disciplines we teach.

The use of multiple senses allows all learners to benefit from the videos and add to their on-campus learning experience. Download Lumist now to find out more. By asking Lumi, students can learn smarter and empower themselves in their pursuit of academic excellence.

LumiLive: interactive exam prep sessions, live in your lap

When it comes to the crunch, preparing for exams can be a highly stressful experience for any student. Even if you have your well-prepared notes, it is always good to have that extra help from an educational app for college students. Any opportunity to learn smarter is an opportunity to become better. That's why you should ask Lumi.

LumiLive provides interactive exam prep sessions for its users. These LumiPrep live sessions are taught by our LumiExperts. Students get access to comprehensive study guides, mock exams, practice questions and solutions, and live Q&A sessions on demand. These features in a free educational app for students open up new academic revision opportunities for students. Don't forget about the LumiJam: Weekly live stream sessions. Users can drop in and out at any point, like their favorite streaming communities around the world. Work together with similar students across the globe on problems and get personalized support.

How do we support you?

This free education app for college students is designed to support your educational needs. With the Lumist app continually improving to adapt to your needs as a student, you can be confident that we will be updating and evolving for your requirements.

Remember that you will have access to courses outside your campus. Suppose you've wanted to get an insight into classes at another university. In that case, this educational app for students is a fantastic opportunity to learn from a broad range of educators across the globe.

When you ask Lumi, you learn smarter. As an educational equalizer, Lumist works as a revolutionizer in global education. It is providing new insights and approaches into mobile education and synchronicity with an internationalized curriculum. Our free app offers unique opportunities for 24/7 learning, revision, and review. With users being able to utilize the wide-ranging advantages, the Lumist app is designed for you and your needs. Remember that when you ask Lumi, you learn smarter.

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Who are we?

We are Lumist, an online educational platform that helps students achieve academic success. We have created an educational app for students with integrated artificial technology (AI) to academically support college students. By providing multiple solutions to a homework problem, higher education learners gain insight into a subject's fundamental building blocks.

We currently have experts on economics, statistics, and calculus, with more experts on-boarding shortly. More than three hundred and fifty key concept courses across more than thirty universities in three continents have been developed, with hundreds more coming together in the coming months. Over five hundred LumiExperts are available at any time to answer your LumiSnap questions. Our database holds over three million solutions to homework problems.

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Lumist has a robust global presence, providing educational resources to students across 30+ universities in North America, Europe, and more coming soon.