Snap a question, get an answer. Either your question is answered instantly from our database of 3 million problems, or it gets solved on-demand by our LumiExperts working 24/7.
LumiPrep: Interactive live exam prep sessions taught by our LumiExperts. Get access to our comprehensive study guide, practice problems, and mock exams.LumiJam:Weekly livestream sessions for all students to drop-in to the Lumi academic community, work together with peers, and get personalized support.
Video curriculum produced by our LumiExperts covering the most popular college courses. Designed to let you learn a subject at your own pace or review key concepts you are struggling with.

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Hester Lee
Majoring in BA at Rochester University

“LumiSnap is one of my favorite features of Lumist. With just one snap, I can get the answer of that question which is pretty convenient. Other than that, there are in-depth videos explanations which helps me understand the similar kinds of questions comprehensively.”

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